PA school prep

This program prepares the PA program candidate for the rigors of one of the most challenging academic programs and ensures readiness for success. PA Prep academy stays with the student throughout their academic career to help when needed as well. Become proficient and sharpen your skills specific to PA school in the following areas: Digital Notetaking, Resiliency strategies, Study styles and habits, Lecture note mastery, Intentional notetaking, Time management, Study skills and organization, Metacognition, Memory and recall, Reading comprehension, maximizing study groups, Test taking skills, First and second year resources and resolution of problems while in PA school. PA Excel recommends PA programs require this prior to matriculation to improve student success and save significant advisor time and resources. Students may purchase individually on this site and present their certificate to the program or schools may purchase. For more information on school purchase, please email [email protected].

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